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#Ballot2017: Why Uhuru is a bitter man

#Ballot2017: Why Uhuru is a bitter man

By The Kenyan Weekly Team

President Uhuru Kenyatta is trudging into the August 8 polls in the most difficult of circumstances, most self-inflicted; and analysts have warned it would take a miracle for Jubilee to secure a second term in State House.

The self-inflicted troubles have turned Uhuru into a bitter loose-talker blackmailing civil servants and openly hurling insults at other elected leaders.

For the first time in Kenyan independent history, doctors have been on strike for a record 98 days and the impasse is still continuing.

The enduring industrial action has seen the entire health sector completely paralysed as the State “plans” to hire doctors from Tanzania, Ethiopia and Cuba.

University lecturers have also downed their tools over pay dispute that have seen all institutions of higher learning closed for months now.

But that is not all. There is biting drought, severe famine, water shortage, unprecedented insecurity and killings.

Coupled with unfulfilled election pledges, rampant corruption, high unemployment, increased cost of living, mounting debt and tribalism, Jubilee is losing face to the electorate even in own backyard.

“There seems to be a lot of resentment on Jubilee based on the performance of the economy; based on governance performance; and based on the handling of mega corruption. There is a new tribe of people who want Kenya to be run properly and those are the people who will determine the outcome of 2017 polls,” said political analyst Danson Omari.

On Tuesday, Uhuru vowed “to sort out” the striking doctors in a surprising rage.

“Kwani hii watu wanaona sisi ni wajinga namna gani?,” Uhuru posed, adding,  “…and only for working two hours in private hospitals and then they run to their private clinics. This is blackmail and we are not going to accept it.”

Critics have questioned why the President has never displayed the raw anger at the graft cartels, including members of his family who are bleeding dry the State coffers.

Activist Boniface Mwangi blasted Uhuru for hobnobbing with criminals who have looted Kenyan taxpayer and refusing to pay doctors.

“Sh600 billion is stolen annually and if you [Uhuru] dealt with that you would have more than enough money to pay doctors. Sh5billion was stolen from Ministry of Health, you didn’t take action. Josephine Kabura admitted receiving Sh1.6 billion stolen from NYS but she is still free. There are countless examples of money which have been stolen since 2013 and your response has been “Unataka nifanye nini?” Boniface Mwangi said.

But just after the Naivasha outburst, Uhuru opened war with Turkana residents in what some observers have likened to a tragic character destroying himself.

Uhuru abused Turkana Governor Josephat Nanok as stupid, saying he does not care whether the region will vote for him or not.

“I am telling you my concern is not leadership, my concern is to do what would change the lives of citizens. So, those who think I can be intimidated should look for someone else. We shall come to ask for your votes like the rest. You give us or you refuse, it’s fine. Kwani munadhani dunia itaisha, dunia itaendelea,” the President told Turkanas.

Nanok, Opposition Chief Raila Odinga’s ODM deputy is the Turkana kingpin with enormous political following.
Unfortunately, Turkana where Raila thrashed Uhuru in the 2013 polls is among regions named by Jubilee think-tanks as battle grounds.

Insecurity mainly in pastoralists communities –– Baringo and Laikipia –– popular for tourism, paints a picture of a lawless nation.

The situation has been exacerbated by biting hunger, starvation and lack of water.
The Government own statistics indicate that more than two million Kenyans are facing hunger because of a prolonged drought.

ODM Political Affairs Secretary Opiyo Wandayi (Ugunja) said what the public has been treated to are prolonged industrial actions – the worst witnessed since post-independence.

“What you are seeing happening are the consequences of a failed economy based on the economic policies of the Jubilee administration. What has worsened the situation is the unprecedented levels of corruption that has characterised this administration’s tenure,” said Wandayi.

He continued: “The situation will still worsen. There will be no quick fixes. There is no remedy for this situation and the sure logical thing is to vote out this government.”

Dr David Ndii, on his part, warned of an exodus of medical practitioners to countries that offer more favourable terms.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the doctors seek work abroad, like they did in 1994, when they left the country to go and work in Botswana.”

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Written by The Kenyan Weekly

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