11 Mistakes You Are Making While Shaving ‘Down There’. Number 6 is common

Afraid of hot wax coming anywhere near your bikini area? We hear you! While bikini waxing is something best left to professionals, you can certainly try shaving your bikini area at home if you want it to be more groomed and tidy! Here are some mistakes to avoid while shaving your bikini area… Have a smooth shave!

1. Not trimming your hair

Your hair should ideally be 1/4th of an inch long. Always make sure that you don’t shave when your hair is at its maximum length, instead, use a trimmer to trim it down to the optimum length before shaving. This will make for an easier shave and less effort on your part.

2. Not soaking before shaving

2 shaving your bikini area

Before shaving, soak yourself in lukewarm water for five to ten minutes. Doing so open pores and softens hair, making hair removal that much easier.

3. Not exfoliating

Exfoliating beforehand can really help give you a smoother shave. Make sure you use a gentle scrub on your bikini area a few hours before you shave to eliminate dead skin cells and reduce chances of ingrown hairs.

4. Using a blunt razor

4 shaving your bikini area


Never ever make the mistake of using an old or blunt razor for shaving down there. Blunt razors can cause chafing and lead to ingrown hairs. We suggest you save your old razors for shaving less sensitive areas like your arms and legs. Also, if you notice rust on the blade, throw the razor away ASAP!

5. Using a razor with only one blade

A lot of women’s razors have only one blade. Not only does this make shaving more difficult, it can also lead to cuts and bruises. Our advice to you is to get a razor with two or three blades and a moisturizing strip for a closer and smoother shave.

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