See what some women do to get huge hips in Machakos.



Women with wide hips drive men crazy. Women from Machakos have embraced different ways to change their shapes. Exercising is one of the most effective ways a woman can achieve figure 8. Women from this county live active lives. They work out to maintain their physical fitness.

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Here are 3 exercises some of the women undertake to widen their hips in Machakos County:

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1. Side lunge with dumbbells

The side lunge with dumbbells is effective for women who want to achieve figure 8. Begin by standing in an upright posture with your feet together.  Place a light-weight dumbbell on each of your hands. Step outwards starting with your right foot. Bend your knees and then push your hips back and forth. Thereafter, drop your arms right in front. Maintain a forward gaze for some minutes, preferably three and then prepare to go back to your previous position. Repeat the movements at least ten times.


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2. Side dumbbell abductions

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This exercise never disappoints. Begin with your feet together while a light-weight dumbbell in your right hand. Make sure the right leg is straight and then start raising the leg directly out to the other side. Let the weight of the dumbbell resting on the other leg. Move slowly and cautiously not to hurt yourself.

3. Hip raises

A woman can also achieve a hot shape through raises. Lie on the floor. Keep the back in a straight position and then bend the knees. The knees should make a 90 degrees angle. Keep your arms straight. Breathe in while pushing through the heels. Squeeze your glutes, pelvic floor, and hamstrings to lift your hips. Let the upper part of your body rest on the shoulders. Rest for 1-2 seconds and return to the starting point.

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