5 places in Nairobi where ladies sell their bodies for as low as 20 bob

In Kenya, a country where 34 to 42% of the population is poor, according to the World Bank, prostitution becomes a rampant survival strategy, although illegal. Across the country, more than 200,000 workers operate in the s3x business. Nairobi alone, have more than 40,000 s3x workers.

Today, we have compiled a list of estates in Nairobi where you’ll find most of these s3x workers.

1 : Ngara

The estate which enjoys its closeness to the CBD has been hit hard by prostitutes who have flooded the area with most of them targeting university and college students who stay in the hostels around the estate.

2 : Huruma

There is a hooker zone in an area called Mbuthia where langas begin their activities at around 5pm in the evening. The flesh peddlers here are a mix of young and old.

3 : Dandora

The estate which is also the mother of crimes in Nairobi is also a base for low-end prostitution in the city. S3x workers here compete with those from Majengo in providing cheap sex to clients.

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4 : Pangani

They manage to conceal themselves in Mafioso fashion. The most obvious ones are those that masquerade as wamama wa kuosha nguo. Apart from washing clothes for busy or lazy bachelors, they wash their groins too. These women show up to their tasks wearing provocative clothing. The trick is simple for them – do anything to tempt the customer by exposing their butts while washing and hanging clothes. If you don’t respond to the provocations, they simple ask you straight up if you want some.

5: Zimmerman

The hood prostitutes of Zimmerman are well known. For as little as 200 bob, you can take one to your residential locale and plough through her body like a tractor in Kabarnet for the whole day or night, depending on your time preference.

6 : Hurlingham

Most high end prostitutes are located in this estate. Hidden between the posh offices are companies that offer escort services for rich men who value discretion. For a heavy sum, you can have a super hot escort delivered to your home. The women here are of the highest quality – attractive and well maintained. They are also keen to ensure customer satisfaction and as a result, these companies have a string of loyal customers. . Every command you make will be met. The massage parlors located in this area offer ‘extra’ services too.

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