All about ‘controversial’ business lady Michelle Ntalami


Business lady Michelle Ntalami was allegedly this week embroiled in a relationship drama that also featured British Broadcasting Corporation‘s Makena Njeri.

The business lady is said to have ruined a relationship in which Ms. Njeri was in. The relationship partners were all members of the LGBT community. This sent Kenya’s social media ablaze as netizens speculated on Ms. Ntalami’s Lesbian sexual orientation. But the bigger question is: who is Michelle Ntalami?

Michelle is more popularly know for her business ventures rather than her personal life, which has at times, been cited in controversial circumstances.

She is the owner of a business called Marini Naturals. She started it on November 19, 2015. “I began with a couple of millions which I got after joining a Sacco that allowed me to borrow three times the amount I saved in three months. I had also saved from my branding agency business, and got additional capital injection from my parents and brothers,” she says.


Michelle Ntalami: Dad’s cancer diagnosis inspired me to start a business

She started the business after her late father was diagnosed with cancer. “He inspired our family to adopt a healthier lifestyle after he was diagnosed with cancer. I began juicing, keeping fit, and did an entire overhaul of the products and habits that I felt were extremely unhealthy to my lifestyle at the time,” she says. One of the things she changed was using chemicals to straighten her hair. She also cut her hair and decided to strictly use natural products to grow and maintain it. In her journey to natural hair, Michelle realized that there was a gap for natural hair care products for men and women in the market. “I identified a need that beamed with an opportunity to change lives as well as make money,” she says. “I decided to open a business offering natural hair care services and products.”

Michelle was brought up in close-knit catholic family. She attended Consolata Primary School, then went on to Loreto High School in Limuru. She joined the University of Nairobi where she graduated with a First Class honors in Design and Communication in 2008. She went to pursue a master’s of arts in Interior Design at Florence Design Academy in Italy.

The entrepreneur was a mentor on both season 1 and season 2 of the BLAZE BYOB show.



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