DREADFUL CULTURE: ‘We will not just accept the Kakamega Twins back to the society like that’- Luhya Elders

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Elders in Luhya have insisted that they will have to take one of the twins through cultural rituals to protect her from sudden death.


“If DNA results are positive, we will treat the girl (Melon) as a child who was born out of wedlock.The elders will have to administer the triplets a concoction of herbs to cleanse the family.

This is done before she meets other children.If that is not done the triplets will stare at sudden death.” ~ Luhya Elders.



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  • Enter CommentsWitches and wizards of the highest order!Huo ni uchawi tu..

  • May God bless them ,they will leave and even if there is death everyone shal face it coz death is our way from thiz earth

  • that’s madness luhya elders
    shame on you .you are elders but you are behaving like rats
    leave Sharon and melan to stay together as they are supposed to
    those your traditions are outdated

  • #waluya elder shame on you with u rotten culture izo Mila zenu ndio zilifanya Hawa wakatenganishwa. Sisi tunaishi kwa neema ya Mungu

  • but luhyas you people have some extraodinary tradions and beliefs which are currently outdated,if thats the case,let them live together and see if the belief will come to pass

  • Why such negativity and lies towards this community? Which Luhya elders are these you claim? Stop this. You should be sued.

  • it is the miracle of God. even.if the mother was unconscious during child birth, the fact is that God is the one who can reunite the family that was lost.
    Jesus came with a cross that signify a plus.

  • then all our kids need DNA.

  • Enter ComHow can you treat your stolen child like that who was out of wedlockecked Don’t listened to those brokers .The child is nt going back to ttheir houses. Let not any tradition broker step into yourhouse.

  • This is a noal phenomenon of mistaken identification at birth, except if it was intentionally staged!

    These children shd jilust reunite with their correct families and nothing will happen to them!

    Thanks a lot for that initiative to do a DNA examination! The truth will be revealed and thus sorted out!

    Let not anyone post blame to anybody in this case unless proven otherwise!

    Happy Easter!

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