Father And Son Bang One Maid, One Night – Lady Shares Explosive Sexual Experience. Full Confession Here

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My boss liked it when I applied a lot of saliva during the process, and he also liked it when I put all the length of his d*ck in my mouth.

My boss and I started [email protected] love two months after I was hired by his wife. One afternoon, he complimented my figure and I knew what was going to happen.
He’d return from work in the afternoon for lunch. After lunch, he’d sit back comfortably, shirtless, with his pot belly hanging loose, and tell me to ‘service’ him.
I first attempted to refuse but he made it clear that he paid me to do whatever he wanted. He said he was not interested in my p*ssy, but that I needed to do what he paid for.
He would sit back and face the TV while I go on my knees and get to work. I’d unbutton his trousers, pull down his zipper and take in his already hard d*ck.
I’d begin to svck on him as hard as I can. My boss liked it when I applied a lot of sal*va during the process, and he also liked it when I put all the length of his d*ck in my mouth.
For a chubby man, his d*ck was quite long. I would attempt to take it all in and sometimes, when I fail, he would tug at my hair until it hurts.
I believed he liked it when he hurt me because he looked for whatever reason to tug hard at my head. It might be because I was not svcking hard enough, fast enough, or if I attempted to take a break.
I did not mind because he began giving me lots of money. He’d sneak an envelope of cash to me sometimes. He would also buy me a lot of presents when he travelled.
He hid them from his wife and later gave them to me. Things worked that way for a while.
One afternoon, during our usual bl8w job session, it took him a while to c*m. My jaw was starting to hurt and I was getting sweaty.
‘Please sir,’ I begged, “Let me stop, I am tired.”
He simply ignored me and shoved his d*ck deeper into my mouth.
‘Oya, take my p*ssy, I will make it good for you.’ I begged again, after five more minutes of fruitless svcking.
‘I don’t want your p*ssy,’ he responded. He was breathing heavily and starting to sweat too. His d*ck remained rock hard and I kept on svcking. He bit his lips and gr*aned again and again as I worked his d*ck the way he liked it.
I was running out of steam and I had a lot of chores to do. I then bravely took matters into my own hands.
‘What are you doing?’ He asked as I got off his d*ck and proceeded to lift up my skirt and take down my p*nties.
‘Did you not hear me? I said…’



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