Govt Withdraws DP William Ruto’s Security. Ruto is the latest victim of the operation.


Deputy President William Ruto is the latest victim in a seemingly new crackdown after Nyeri county administration pulled out its security from his church function Thursday.

According to a report by Citizen TV, the DP landed in Tetu constituency where he was to be received by security dispatched by the county and the sub-county administration which was conspicuously missing.

The media outlet further claimed that the order to withdraw the security originated from the provincial administration and that the freeze was expected to last for a while.

This comes just days after the security of that of his close allies was withdrawn on claims that the leaders continued to engage in pre-mature campaigns.

Some of his allies who had their security completely withdrawn included Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu and MPs Kimani Ichung’wa (Kikuyu) and Alice Wahome (Kandara).

DP Ruto meets AIPC’s bishops during a church function in Tetu Constituency, Nyeri County on Thursday April 18, 2019.

This comes just hours after the president addressed his whole outfit with former prime minister Raila Odinga explaining that the handshake did not even affect the political landscape.

“He has never told me he wants to be president in 2022; I have not told him I want to be president in 2022. We have just been talking about the issues that affect our people.

“When it comes to infrastructure, what do we need to do? We discuss and we support each other and agree,” Uhuru declared.

He further refuted claims that Raila caused havoc in the Jubilee party explaining that he was getting a tone of ideas from the AU envoy.

“He also gives me ideas that enhance something and make it even better. Now, what’s wrong with that?” Uhuru posed.



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  • If I he is to resign then they should do it us a team of jubilee because we elected all of them

  • Let the media leave propaganda. That’s stupidity. I don’t thing the unity between DP and president has reached that far for DP to resign.

  • Enter CommentsRUTO should hve resigned as the DP of these rebublic since he’s not performing his duty ad the DP

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