How CS Tuju repossessed KICC from oppressive KANU regime to Kenyans


By Miguna Miguna
Tom Mboya commissioned the construction of the KICC in 1968. It was built using public funds. In 1993, Dictator arap Moi grabbed the KICC and gave it to KANU as its headquarters. On February 11, 2003, the then NARC Tourism Cabinet Minister Raphael Tuju FORCEFULLY AND RIGHTFULLY REPOSSESSED the KICC.

2) After Tuju RESTORED the KICC back to its rightful owners – the citizens of Kenya – in 2003, then KANU Secretary General and Advocate Mutula Kilonzo went to court seeking orders to get back KICC. He lost. Why? Because EQUITY only vests on CLEAN HANDS. A thief’s hands are DIRTY.

3) The public have absolute right to repossess all stolen public and community land and assets. There is no court of competent jurisdiction that will ever issue orders giving thieves properties they have acquired fraudulently nor convict anyone restoring stolen property to its rightful owners.




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