How Should A 35 Year Old Woman Dress? Answer To The Dilemma Of Dressing In Your 30s

How old are you? This time we are going to speak about women’s age and how to dress if you are the 35-year-old woman. I guess everyone by that age feels a little more mature? Right? If so, then we should dress a bit differently. I have some ideas and tips for you that might sound and look quite impressive. Personally, I think we shouldn’t be telling people what to wear because of their chronological age. But, there are things like graphic tees, bedazzled sequins, pink tops and bottoms, leopard print, sparkling skinnies, mini skirts and shorts, crop tops that look really weird on mature women.


While age certainly shouldn’t be a factor in how you dress, there is a difference between what you gravitated toward in your 20s versus now in your 30s (like maybe that halter top isn’t at the top of your pile anymore). If you’re looking for some fresh outfit inspiration now that you’ve hit the big 3-0, we’ve got you covered. From polished, work-ready looks to wear-anywhere outfits that are undeniably polished, consider the question of what to wear in this next chapter officially solved.

Below we’re highlighting gorgeous celeb looks—courtesy of some of the most stylish ladies in their 30s—and showing you how to get each look now. Keep scrolling to find (and shop) your new go-to outfit—there’s something for everybody, no matter your actual age.

Ashley Graham, 31

Solange Knowles, 32

Kate Bosworth, 36

Lupita Nyong’o, 36


Kate Hudson, 39

Alexa Chung, 35

Mindy Kaling, 39

Meghan Markle, 37



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