5 popular Kenyan personalities who have made it big without a degree

These celebrities have reversed the common notion that education is the cut-off for living life in the fast lane. They have achieved so much with the few certificates at their disposal.


They may be considered academic dwarfs but they are definitely giants in different realms of life, one which matters the most.

The number of academic credentials one has heaped on themselves doesn’t count if they don’t have guap. Money rules the world, anything less of it is widely considered failure.

This list illuminates Kenyan celebrities that are flourishing in their endeavors yet they have little to show as far as education is concerned.

  1. Chipukeezy

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Ushering us in is none other Chipukeezy. Arguably the funniest comedian in the 254 after Churchill and Eric Omondi.

Chipu is in his twenties yet he has already ‘made it’ by Kenyan standards. Apart from his hilarious jests that made a name for him, he is also a presenter with Kenya’s leading urban radio station, Kiss FM.

His education background, nothing visual on the radar in as far as higher learning is involved.

  1. Jaguar

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Culprit number 2 is Jaguar. He is the richest musician in the country, Prezzo’s fanatics will squabble over this fact.

Jaguar recently landed a lucrative white-collar job even though his education profile is still blurred.

Larry Madowo recently ran an article on Daily Nation waxing lyrical about Jaguar, he says he may not be fluent with the Queen’s language but he certainly conquers with his music.

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Even though the spotlight is slowly fading out on him, Redsan is still living a life most learned fellows only dream of.

The ragga singer has no degrees to flaunt but don’t dare challenge him to show off his cash because he has plenty!

  1. Huddah Monroe 

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 Ahem! This one needs no introduction. She has no papers to show but academic giants will have to part with a considerable chunk of cash to bed her.

Not my words, the Seeker Of Truth exposed her for taking part in the world’s oldest profession and the staggering amount she charges her clients.

What Huddah makes from her job, to say the truth, most University graduates will die never inching a step closer.

  1. Octopizzo

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Kibera’s finest export hasn’t accomplished much education-wise but his bank statement is certainly handsome.

Octo has gone through hell to make it to life in the fast lane. He is one chap who has defied all odds to excel.




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