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He has remained ever fresh since his abrupt exit from the hugely popular real Househelps of Kawangware TV program aired on KTN. Timothy Kimani, popularly known as Njugush, played the skinny hawker who had an overbearing well built girlfriend who consistently made his life miserable. The comedian was such a natural that he became an instant hit with many viewers. He also played diverse characters on Hapa Kule Show in what tested his versatility.

Joining Hapa Kule Show
The funny man joined Hapa Kule news show in 2013 after impressing the multi-talented actor cum content creator Abel Mutua during that year’s drama festival. He was to later receive a call from Mutua who wanted him to be part of Hapa Kule News cast, an opportunity he grabbed and he has never looked back since. Njugush joined the satirical TV show that was being on KTN before later finding a new home on NTV at its 16th episode. He said of the terse call from Abel that give shape to his acting career : ‘I have a silly character, do you think you can make it?’

Real Househelps of Kawangware
The Real Househelps of Kawangware premiered as a segment in Hapa Kule News but ended up becoming the bigger show than the latter. It was Njugush together with the late Purity Mwirigi who introduced the corrupted Kenyan version of The Housewives of Atlanta. He played the hawker who had a troubled relationship Awiti, the burly househelp. Njugush slim frame makes him an easy target for bullies like Onyi. His exit from the show came as shocker to many. The blogosphere was awash with speculations of what may have led to the departure of the talented actor. He took to his social media pages to quell the speculations that led to his abrupt exit saying it was influenced by the changes in the script and directing. Nairobinews, however, cited poor pay from the producers as the of exodus of Njugush, scriptwriter Abel Mutua and director Phil Karanja.

Njugush rebrands 
The actor did not rest on his laurels after parting ways his former employer. He started his YouTube channel that has garnered a massive following. With over 60,000 subscribers and his short clips garnering over 500,000 views, Njugush proved that he could thrive on his own. The comedian has 89 videos on his channel at the time of publishing this article.

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Many celebrities tend to not show off their kids on social media but Timothy Kimani aka blessed Njugush could not keep the cuteness to himself.

Njungush is a very proud father who does not hesitate to show his beautiful baby to the world. He is known to always keep his family first as he considers it a blessing from above.

Brand Ambassador
He has remained relevant after leaving TV making him one of the most sought after celebrities. The funny man was unveiled as White Wash Extra brand ambassador last year. He has been featured in Safaricom commercials up until this year, ZUKU and other major brands.

How Much He was paid per episode
Njugush pay at both Hapa Kule and Housewives of Kawangware was paltry. At Hapa Kule he was paid roughly kes5,000 per episode. This was almost the same amount he was paid for his role in the real Housewives of Kawangware. This is what prompted to call it quits

How much he makes in commercials
He receives good money in the different commercials he appears. Safaricom pays him upwards of Kes1million for every advert. This is the similar amount he is paid by Pwani Oil Products to be the brand ambassador of WhiteWash Extra. Evidently Njugush makes most of his money from commercials.




Comedian Njugush is not one to shy away from talking about his love for his wife, Celestine Ndinga.

The funny man terms himself as “lucky” as he celebrates his wedding anniversary with the love of his life.

His popular videos on You Tube generate money for the comedian. His videos have adsense ads running. With 500,000 views, Njugush roughly makes $300 dollars (kes30,000).

Net worth of Njugush
Our team was unable to establish his net worth. This will be updated in due course.

Interesting facts about Njugush 
His father is a reverend at the KAG church
His parents are not slim
Those who know Njugush say he is a humble guy who remembers his roots


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