See Why These Women With These Names do not make good wives

First, lets see Why beautiful ladies do not make good wives

While growing up as a kid, my old guy often told me that whenever an old man offered a piece of advice, it was not because he disliked you, but rather because he may have experienced similar situations over and over again.


Those who listen to the advice often turn out well, but those who don’t, end up living in misery. Of course the losers, already on the downward spiral, will say: ‘let me live my life when I am young’.

Let us do a little math. What percentage of your youth is adult life? In my time it was 15-24 years, which is why the society expected a woman to get married by 24.

Bi Mswafari couldn’t have been more right when she said that it’s difficult for beautiful women to get married nowadays, because most of them think they’re God’s gift to the world. 

Women with beautiful faces tend to believe that they can leave a man sitting in a restaurant, and get another before they even reach the door. True, this will happen, but are you sure the next man who takes you will marry you? The answer is usually no. In fact, you only gradually move from a wife material to a social trophy.

Trust me, just like the English Premier League trophy, different players will fight to use a woman.

Bi Mswafari shocked the women folk with her claim that when HIV/Aids first hit Kenya, it was the most beautiful women who died first.

The kawaida ones were spared. In Kenya, where wife inheritance was the norm in some communities, men died after inheriting widows.

Wise old men usually remind young lads of a saying that goes: ‘when choosing a wife, don’t go for a very beautiful woman as she will kill you with stress before your days’.

The belief is that internal beauty is what we should look for in a woman, but men say, albeit jokingly, that they don’t have X-ray machines with which to tell the inner glow.

Men have been advised to do background checks on a woman’s family and upbringing. This is particularly important because while beauty fades, character is permanent.

I saw a number of beautiful women growing up back in the day, and trust me, they never had character, and  today they live in misery. Some of them tried to reform, much later in life, but age was not on their side.

Young women out there should know that beauty fades, and it’s not bad to be beautiful, but that is the gift God has given you.

Like any other gift, use it wisely. Remember, beauty is like a drug, it can harm you if you don’t control it.

Don’t let your beauty turn you into a laughing stock in old age.

Now…Ever heard that there are some women with certain names that make the best wives?

For some reason there are people with some names that are known for certain things. In the same way, these women are basically wifeable because of their characteristics as in they are nicer and homelier than most. If you’re name is on this list, tell your bae he needs to step up ASAP.

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1. Sarah

Sarah means princess so you can imagine how her behaviour will be. She will probably have some princess like behaviour pattern that will just blow a man’s mind away.

wives names



2. Caroline

Caroline means strong and I don’t know if you have met these women but they are the most loving and most sweetest girls I have ever met. They also laugh a lot so they would make the best wives especially when things get tough.

3. Catherine

Catherine’s usually have big hearts, they are extremely generous so you never have to worry about her hosting skills or when she has to baby sit the children.

best names for wives

Source: Youth Village Kenya

4. Elizabeth

She is successful in all that she does and on top of it she’s a clean freak. Her name also means “God is my oath” I mean she is probably even spiritual so what more can you say?

Vanessa’s incredible, these women can be wives, can be mothers and even your best friend at the same time. Vanessa means butterfly which just means they can go through change in a positive way and emerge beautiful.

Vanessa Mdee

Source: Instagram

6. Faiza

Faiza’s are feisty and entertaining though there’s a bit of controversy towards this name I can tell you she will make you happy all the days of your life. She is not boring, she is witty and when it comes to money she plans for the tough times ahead.

wives with the best name

Source: Faiza

This is totally arguable and debatable so you can write your points down in the comment section.

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