Tedd’s Daughter Interacting with Late Mom’s Pictures Leaves People In Tears


Highly Celebrated Kenyan music producer Tedd Josiah has always awed the public with his parenting skills. Since the tragic death of his beautiful wife Regina Katar back in 2017, Tedd took over parenting responsibilities of their only daughter-Jayjay who was barely 6 months old when the mother passed on.

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PHOTO COURTESY Tedd’s late wife(Regina Katar) and her daughter Jayjay

It has been 2 years now and the daughter has grown into a beautiful angel whose relationship with her father is so tight.

Surprisingly, Tedd has taught his daughter everything about her late mother, who she was and the daughter adores her pictures and speaks to her through the images- so deep!

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PHOTO COURTESY Tedd Josiah and his daughter

Taking to social media Tedd shared a very emotional video of his daughter interacting with the picture of her late mom wishing her goodnight. The baby gently touches the face of her late mom on the photo and tells her;

Goodnight , I love you

Here the video and its emotional caption.

Tedd says that while some people force their children to forget their loved ones, her daughter has always known who her mom was. He says that she loves to look at her mom’s picture and even talk about her.

This post evoked emotional reactions from fans who revealed that they could not hold their tears while watching the video.



💞💞Cutting onions.. As you said, God’s will is not to break us but to make us better in all that He does!


this is so sweet and sad at the same time 😥😥she is lucky to have you as a dad, bless you both and may she continue to rest in peace!! you really are strong


Got me all teared up. May the Lord continue giving you grace to raise her and may her memories always linger


Aaaaaww, I just shed a tear….😢the little things we take for granted, kisses to you both ❣️



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