Sunday, May 31, 2020

The 5 Critical Problems Black African Plus-Size Ladies Face


Body shaming, prejudices and discrimination.

It’s a known fact and reality that plus size women are judged immediately and sadly still body shamed both online and face to face publicly. The fashion industry are huge culprits to this, however, movements are exposing and gradually shifting for change.

La'Shaunae Steward - Lilian Pacce

Prejudice and discrimination.

In the classroom, the job market, the workplace, the dating pool, the doctor’s office, the fashion industry, (I taught for a semester on a reputable fashion design and marketing course in the UK. My boss’s predecessor had a policy of not admitting any student who wanted to specialise in plus size fashion design. She referred to it as “dressmaking” as opposed to fashion. She also told one of my colleagues that she didn’t like taking on students who were themselves over a size 10). Plus sized people are not permitted to adopt children in some countries. Plus sized people in my country have also had their children taken into care for the crime of fulfilling their genetic inheritance. Over 80 thus far. The “care” system in the UK is anything but; it’s rife with abuse and neglect, but that’s considered better for the welfare of a fat child than being brought up in their own loving families. Then there’s the doxing, the discrediting, and the rape and death threats to fat women who do anything to highlight sizeism, be they film makers, journalists or bloggers.

Being Hot and Fat: La'Shaunae Steward | Salty

Probably one of the biggest problem that plus size women face is their wardrobe – half the women are clueless wear and the other half often wear the wrong clothes. The result? They almost never look good. Most plus size women feel that fashion is not meant for them – they feel that they should always dress in oversized clothes, because that will help hide the lumps and bumps. But what they do not realise is that by wearing over sized clothes, they are making themselves look bulkier and bigger.

When you are plus size, you need to choose your clothes with a lot of care – the colours, patterns, prints and shapes that you choose will make all the difference. For instance, darker colours will work really well for you and if you want to go with lighter colours, you need to make sure that you choose smartly. Monochromes are a great choice for plus size women, but you should add a little spark of colour, which you could do with a belt or a scarf.

Stay away from horizontal lines, because they are not meant for you; vertical lines, however, are a wonderful choice. Skirts, shirts, pants, dresses – anything with vertical lines would be a good choice. Choose clothes that create the illusion of a waist – wraparound dresses and tops are a good way of doing that as are adding a belt.

Why La'Shaunae is the plus-size model you should be following ...

Fabrics will also play an important role in how plus size women look – opt for fabrics that are either flowy or really form fitting. When you choose flowy fabrics such as georgette or chiffon, you can hide your problem areas quite easily. However, with form fitting fabrics (as long as you have really good shapewear underneath), you can create this smooth silhouette.

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