Why majority supported Governor Sang over move to uproot tea in grabbed land


Henry Kosgey grabbed a community land, together with his family, they’ve profited from it for donkey years.

Instead of violently kicking his ass out-like Polio- and demanding for a pound of his flesh for the duration he reaped from the stolen property: the police arrest Nandi Governor who by the way had a court order prohibiting his arrest.

This is a naked example of how police has been reduced from a pseudo-professional outfit to a marauding indisciplined vigilante used to settle political scores. They hurriedly and gladly jump on the side of rich politically-correct criminals to enthrone impunity by tormenting the society.

Kosgey can win today by opening the gates of hell on Nandi residents; by subjugating, oppressing and economically disabling the society, but he should recall the story of Omar Albashiir who gained the whole world and lost his soul.


This is the same wicked ninja who stole entire gate collections during 1987 All Africa Games in Nairobi.

Shame on you Henry.

As for Sang: Bro you are on the right side of history. Your name will be curved in GOLD in the annals of Nandi economic struggle against capitalist gangsters led by the likes of ageing Despot Kosgey.

Do not give up the fight. God is on your side. History is on your side. The critical mass too is on your side. Romans 8:31 speaks to you.



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